COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

In an effort to provide you with the most up to date information possible as we receive it related to the COVID-19 outbreak we have created a dedicated page to house all information.  Please be sure to check this page regularly for updates.

Please stay safe and observe all restrictions.

Thank You.

COVID-19 Information
Bothers and Sisters,
Finally some good news to report!
Local 5 members have started to receive the COVID-19 Vaccine.
As essential workers we are eligible to be vaccinated. However it is not as simple as showing up at a pharmacy and getting the shot. Please check the web sites listed here or go to your County web site for information. Each state has a different process and time line for receiving the vaccine. You will need to register for the shot no matter where you live. All retirees over 65 are eligible now in all three states.

Please check the following state web sites for more information on getting vaccinated;

If you work in a hospital or nursing home check with the facility about their vaccine protocol and procedures for vaccinating contractors entering their site. Many of our members working in hospitals are receiving the vaccine in the hospitals they work in. 

As always so do not hesitate to contact the union if you have any questions or concerns .

Joe Williams
Business Manager