Golden Rail Club

The Golden Rail Club was formed by a group of retired members of local 5 IUEC. their desire was to remain updated on current union activities, and to maintain friendships with their fellow present and retired members of Local 5.

The club is strictly a fraternal organization dedicated to fellowship, and understanding of the current elevator working conditions and problems.

The informal monthly meetings are held at the union hall on the Wednesday following the general meeting at 11:00 am, with coffee and donuts served. Your comments, questions and or suggestions are welcomed. When available the business manager is asked to present an update on the working conditions and any other pertinent information.

Throughout the year the club sponsors a bus trip, and a Christmas luncheon. Dues for the club are $10.00 per year and are used to offset the cost of the meeting refreshments, mid year luncheon, Christmas luncheon, mailings, etc.