Lift for a Vet

Lift For A Vet

Local 5 members have been enriched by their experiences of helping others through Local 5’s involvement with many charitable organizations. Some of our most rewarding charitable efforts are those that have enabled us to use our unique elevator constructor skills. We have helped people lead independent lives through the installation of vertical transportation systems in their homes.  We found that among the many deserving people who could use a lift or elevator in their home are U.S. Military Veterans.  That realization resulted in the founding of A LIFT FOR A VET.

A LIFT FOR A VET’s mission is to buy and install elevators, home lifts, stair lifts or wheelchair lifts in the residence of disabled U.S. military service veterans from any era, WWII, Korea, Viet Nam, Gulf War, Afghanistan or Iraq. Veterans from Iraq and Afghanistan often require special modifications made to their homes so it is handicapped accessible.  A wheelchair lift or elevator can be the ticket to getting someone back home and on the way to recovery. Many older vets, those from WWII, Korea and Viet Nam eras, have lost independence in their daily routine because they find it difficult to navigate stairs.  A LIFT FOR A VET can help those veterans continue to lead independent lives with the installation of a stair lift. 

The purchase, installation and maintenance of the system A LIFT FOR A VET installs is free of charge to the Veteran. A LIFT FOR A VET relies solely on donations to fund our efforts.

Local 5’s A LIFT FOR A VET wants to extend the hand of friendship to those men and women who did not hesitate to serve when our country called on them. We can only accomplish these goals with the help of friends like you.  Each May Local 5’s Activity Committee hosts a golf outing to benefit A LIFT FOR A VET at the Mays Landing Golf and Country Club with all proceeds going toward the purchase of home lifts, stair chairs or elevators for Vets.   Everyone is invited to join us for a round of golf, sponsor a hole or take part in any of the other sponsorship opportunities; breakfast, lunch or beverage cart sponsorship.

Your generosity will help A LIFT FOR A VET reach our goal of providing independence and the best life possible for disabled U.S. Military Veterans.

All donations to A LIFT FOR A VET are tax deductible.

Do you need a Lift or would you like to make a donation to our Lift for a Vet program? Use the form to email us!

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