Training Center

If you're looking for best trained Elevator Construction Installers and Service Technicians in the industry, then look no further than IUEC Local 5.  Our International Training program is the best in the industry.  We are constantly providing upgrade training to our existing journeyman while turning out the best and brightest apprentices in the industry.

The National Elevator Industry Educational Program (NEIEP) offers craft training for all employees covered by the NEII Standard Agreement and the Otis Elevator Agreement. NEIEP effectively provides hands-on training utilizing labs, assorted training aids, text materials and video.

Some of NEIEP's main responsibilities are to manage and direct the implementation of curricula; design, administer and monitor Probationary Training and Evaluation Program for all new hires entering the trade; administer a Distance Learning program for eligible students; and for instructors - conduct beginning through advanced level seminars to improve teaching skills and techniques.

NEIEP designs, develops, updates, administers and monitors the Mechanic Examinations in accordance with the U.S. Department of Labor.

To learn more please visit the National Elevator Industry Educational Program website.


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